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dc.contributor.authorMargaret Gillian Moss; Profesora departamento de lenguas, Universidad Del Norte
dc.descriptionMuch research has been devoted to problems related to the comprehension of science textbooks...However; less attention has been paid to their representation al science as such. This paper presents aspects of research aimed at characterizing the Language al texts used in social and natural Science courses, and its influence on learning processes. One central aspect is the worldview implicit in the language. This was investigated through analysis al transitivity and ergativity, grammatical metaphor and modality. Results suggest that science is presented as a series al events, classifications and definitions, in an impersonal context Science as human activity is absent The results al scientific Endeavour are presented as unquestionable facts Thus, the learner is excluded /ram participation in scientific activity and restricted to the role al passive observer. This, combined with the power hierarchies inevitably involved in classroom interaction, leaves the leaner in a position al helplessness in the /ace al a knowledgeable elite.
dc.publisherFundación Universidad del Norte
dc.relation.ispartofZona Próxima; No 1 (2000)
dc.sourceinstname:Universidad del Norte
dc.sourcereponame:Repositorio Digital de la Universidad del Norte
dc.subjectTextbooks, transitivity, ergativity, grammatical metaphor, modality.
dc.titleThe language of school textbooks and the ideology of science

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